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Special Project Division

We have the abilities and background to perform projects for companies beyond the purview of the standard electrical contractor.

We work outside the box to help customers with advanced safety issues, tracking of systems that are not in plain view, updating of existing systems and a comprehensive look at problems that face the employer and employee.

Safety is the name of the game and always has been, the adverbs “GOOD ENOUGH” or “FACTORY PROVIDED” are simply the starting blocks for making a system or a work station or a custom application better for the employee such as easier to use, safer to be around, safer to operate, more efficient, along with a host of other benefits for both the employer and employee.

Examples of this type of work would be the engineering and installation of smart guarding for dangerous equipment, locating energized electrical piping in concrete floors down to 15 feet and marking these runs so that any installation of ground rods or floor disturbance would be 100% safe. Engineering and installation of monitoring systems for production equipment and peripheral equipment to enhance safe operations. Studies of present systems to facilitate updates that would greatly benefit production and changes to the needs of the employer and their customers. Perform a plantwide survey to offer suggestions on safety, list violations and their solutions. The list of what we can help with our customers with utilizing our field experience is vast and is at your service.

A visit and a discussion of what the company is looking at in terms of services is all that it takes to start solving those problems or situations that have either not been tackled due to time restraints or having the qualified personnel.