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Engineering Services

Power Quality Monitoring & Analysis

Power Quality Monitoring & Analysis

Quality Electrical Services for Industrial Projects - Archer Electric - Oshkosh, WisconsinThrough the use of advanced metering services and power quality monitors, Archer Electric, LLC, of Southern Wisconsin, can examine power system delivery, system demand, related energy usage, and demand costs of a given main service or component in a facility. This allows us to run a comprehensive analysis of your facility's systems using professional, sophisticated software for the generation of full-color reports that include: active power timeplots; voltage unbalance timeplots; current timeplots; voltage total harmonic distortion timeplots; quality of supply histograms. We are also able to search for potential issues such as voltage sags, swells, interruptions, and transients and provide full-color reports about system usage and "health." Additionally, we are able to look for peak usage, off-peak usage, and demand. We can then compare this data against the information gathered from your utility provider in order to make recommendations about alterations to production schedules and cycles to help save your company money.

Load Measurements & Load Balance

A related feature of advance metering of power quality monitoring and analysis that Allenton-based Archer Electric offers is an examination of system load balance on the main services compared to the maximum load capability of that service. This can give your company insight into how much expansion is possible to see whether your system is being over-loaded, as well as to view possible concerns prior to system expansion on existing services. Further, through the use of state-of-the-industry, real-time oscilloscope equipment, we can monitor input and output comparisons, looking for anomalies of carrier harmonics and/or voltage and ampacity degradation. Results and recommendations are presented in a system analysis report.

Stray Voltage/Leakage Current Analysis

Another part of Archer Electric's advanced metering services includes monitoring systems for stray voltage and leakage current to determine areas of energy loss and identify areas for corrective action. In addition to industrial electrical customers, this service has also been very effective for commercial agricultural and dairy customers who may be experiencing loss of production scenarios with their livestock as a result of stray voltage and leakage current.

Resistance Testing

Often, much of the system power that is lost or "wasted" is the result of conductor or system resistance. Archer Electric offers clients across Wisconsin resistance testing services to determine the extent of the effects of resistance "loss" and can make recommendations for reducing this associated loss. This service is typically performed as part of a complete system analysis and generally not as a standalone service unless problems with cables/conductors have already been identified as the cause of an issue.

Power Factor Correction Studies

Using a power monitor, we see what the existing power factor for your system is in real time, and can then give recommendations for corrective action. These may include adding capacitor banks and other similar equipment to bring the system operating parameters closer to a scenario of a unity power factor of 1.0 where the current and voltage are both in phase.

Circuit Breaker Analysis

he analysis and testing of circuit breakers is an important step in a preventive maintenance program which Archer Electric can perform through the use of a digital voltage meter and amp clamp, generating a written report of findings and recommendations. This analysis also includes a voltage drop test, current leakage analysis, visual exam, and physical cycling and retest of device.

Additional Engineering Services

Project Consultation & Supervision

Strict OSHA & NFPA 70E Safety & Compliance - Archer Electric - Oshkosh, WisconsinLooking to design and install a new electrical power delivery system or production process? Or, just looking to update or retrofit an existing system? Let Archer Electric's State-licensed Designer of Engineering Systems help. With a comprehensive background in a variety of industries and decades of experience in the trades, Archer Electric and its master electrician can offer consultation or supervisory services. We help ensure that you do not design yourself into a corner or take shortcuts that will cost you time and money later and potentially compromise worker safety.

Have you thought about the remote locating of reset switches to eliminate panel or device entry? Can each designed energy control point be easily accessed? Do they accept a lockout device as required by federal regulations? These are examples of the sorts of questions that we will ask before designs are sent off for production to try and help you save money in the long run and help your employees work safer.

Grounding System Installation & Analysis

The installation and monitoring of bonding and grounding systems are important steps in preventing electrical-related problems and injuries, production issues, and system component damage. Archer Electric can examine your existing panels and production systems to design or recommend various options for new grounding systems specifically tailored to your production equipment or process. We can also analyze existing grounding systems and make recommendations for improvement to installed grounding systems.

Static Control & Elimination

A related area of design and analysis that Archer Electric has been a part of is the control of static energy and buildup under some of the most stringently federally-regulated industries: food processing and packaging. We work to generate creative solutions to your problems that take into account your specific industry and facility requirements. Our team can design and install either electrically-powered or non-powered static control units, customized to the application. Archer Electric works with cutting-edge manufacturers of these products and will utilize electrical engineering techniques to solve your static control problems related to your processing.

Infrared System Studies

Archer Electric Performs extensive and detailed IR studies of all Electrical Systems including but not limited to, Panel-Boards, Sub-Panels, Motors, MCC’s, Buss-Duct switches, Lighting Panels, Control Systems along with any Plant and Shop Electrical Equipment. The studies are performed utilizing a high-quality camera imaging system as the main diagnostic tool, along with precision electrical equipment to help pinpoint issues that the imaging system locates. A detailed report of the system study with colored images of problems is provided along with recommendations for issue corrections.

Arc Flash Engineering Studies

Archer Electric provides comprehensive arc flash engineering study services. Learn more about Arc Flash Evaluation. View Arc Flash FAQs.