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Safety Compliance

OSHA & NFPA 70E Compliance

Lockout/Tagout Programming

OSHA regulations require a written and documented program for the control of hazardous energy (electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, gas, water, and mechanical), known commonly as a lockout/tagout program. Serving Green Bay to Kenosha, Archer Electric, LLC, can work with your facility staff to develop equipment-specific procedures to identify the sources of hazardous energy that power a device (including potential and stored energy) that are required to be controlled during modification, adjustment, maintenance, or repair of a piece of equipment. The final printed procedures include color pictures of each of the lockout points and the applicable lockout/tagout device to control the form of energy at that lockout point. Archer Electric is also capable of auditing your existing lockout/tagout programs and procedures to offer suggestions for improvement and measures for increased safety. 

Lockout/Tagout Devices & Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Wisconsin-based Archer Electric has relationships with key distributors of lockout/tagout devices as well as personal protective equipment (PPE) to personally help outfit your facility and personnel with the appropriate devices, equipment, and apparel. The appropriate lockout device for any hazardous energy source is incredibly important and devices of all sizes are available including: circuit breaker locks, ball valve lockout devices, gate valve lockout devices, cord lockout devices, and many more, plus locks and tags.

A recommended safety apparel provider from Archer Electric will come directly to your facility to personally fit each of your employees for the appropriate garments. These include Category 1 gloves, shirts, coats, and coveralls through Category 4 arc flash suits and everything in between (such as arc-rated helmets with wraparound face shields, hairnets and balaclavas) depending on your company’s needs and employee duties.

Electrical Safety Programming Assistance

The NFPA 70E Section 110.1 requires an employer to have and implement a written electrical safety program. It must be a program that “directs activity appropriate for the electrical hazards, voltage, energy level, and circuit conditions” and identifies the program principles, along with individual applicable procedures and controls that employees must utilize. This includes required elements such as the institution of regular job briefings, including those with outside electrical contractors, and a Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Procedure to name just two of the many highlighted procedures. Archer Electric can assist your company in developing such a written electrical safety program based on your facility’s makeup and specifications. We can also help identify potential areas of deficiency or oversight in an existing electrical safety program through the examination of over 40 of the most commonly required procedures in order to improve overall electrical safety. 

OSHA Compliance (29 CFR 1910)

Archer Electric provides a wide range of compliance assistance with regard to the federal OSHA regulations contained in the 29 CFR 1910 standard relating to electrical safety and the control of hazardous energy. This includes the required Lockout/Tagout Programs, Electrical Safety Programs, Arc Flash Analysis Engineering Studies, and Training. Archer Electric has helped numerous customers from across Central and Southeast Wisconsin comply with federal OSHA regulations in regard to electrical safety and to help avoid potential costly fines and citations in the event of an OSHA safety inspection.

NFPA 70E/ NEC Compliance

As the primary document used to show compliance with the OSHA regulations regarding electrical safety, the NFPA 70E industry consensus standard contains the required programs and elements necessary to demonstrate facility compliance with federal regulations for electrical safety. By using this NFPA 70E standard, along with the comprehensive NEC code, Archer Electric can help keep your company “ahead of the curve” when it comes to required electrical safety programming requirements, safe-working practices, the control of hazardous energy, and arc flash hazard identification and awareness, as well as panel and device labeling.

Panel & Device Labeling

For the sake of both worker safety as well as OSHA and NFPA 70E compliance, Archer Electric can label your panels and devices with identification labels that list names, feeder sources, means and location of disconnect, and system/panel size (voltage). This panel and device labeling can either be done separately or as part of the larger Arc Flash Hazard engineering study. The study includes the comprehensive warning labels listing nominal system voltage, hazard category level, incident energy, arc flash and shock protection boundaries, and required PPE category level clothing and glove class level to be worn when working on or testing the designated device. Read more about our Arc Flash Evaluations for more information regarding the engineering studies and required panel and device labeling.

Incident Investigation

Archer Electric has worked with companies that have experienced arc flash and other electrical-related incidents resulting in either employee injury or equipment damage. The purpose of these investigations is to help determine the cause of the incident or equipment malfunction, examine current system configurations, and make recommendations on improving system design and safe-working practices to prevent future injury or damage to systems or production.

Single-Line Diagrams

Archer Electric can generate and provide facility-wide or system-specific single-line diagrams that are required to be kept up-to-date by the NFPA 70E standard. Review information on our Arc Flash Evaluations for more details regarding the engineering studies and the required single-line diagrams.